Artist statement

Walking on the beaches in Mexico I find these great shells. The creatures that have made them are gone but have left behind something of themselves: the wonderful spirals of the Auger and Turrets, the smooth glossy richness of the Cowrie, the patterns and rough texture of the scallop. I stuff them in my pockets to take home so that I can share them with friends and in doing so give them value.


The struggle and effort I go through to create something I do for myself. Like a Murex or a Cowrie building their shells, my motives are my own. An itch that needs to be scratched. The only value of the work is what I give it, the relief of being finished and sometimes the satisfaction of having it come out well. But maybe someone walking by will stop and pick it up and wonder at its existence and stuff it in their pocket to take home and in doing so give it value.


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